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Andrew Marshall Talk In/Meets The Stars - Radio Mercury

Anyone know who actually did this and who did the replacement theme. The latter I have somewhere on reel 2 reel.


  • It's been annoying me too! I've gone through loads of KPM production music to see if I can find it. Also tried other online libraries and Shazam won't tell you what it is either so it's a bit of a mystery at the moment. I did think it might be by Alan Hawkshaw but again couldn't find it. Sounds like it's from the early 80's or possibly late 70's.

    The second theme is called Winning Through and is by David Reilly & John Devereaux (from the KPM Main Series). I've now added it to the site....
  • Excellent stuff about the latter tune, cheers. I may ask Andrew Marshall personally about the original theme, he is active on Facebook.
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    "might be by Alan Hawkshaw"

    Sadly Alan Hawkshaw passed away just this week.

    Big tribute to him on BBC TV News today, and elsewhere...

    Never realised just how much UK TV theme/production music was attributable to him
    (...and TV music has been a parallel-to-jingles hobby of mine over the years).

    Nor just how a hugely talented session musician he was - "over 7000 sessions"
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