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Energy 103 Dublin 86 / 87

Hello everyone, i am just wondering if anyone knows where i could get a copy of the Energy 103 jingles From Dublin back in the day ,now i did have a copy on tape a few years back but they weren't great i think it was Chris Carry that was the owner i think he started Radio Nova way back in the day, then he change to Energy 103 before closing down and going back to the UK,

any help would be great .


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    I'm sure I've made a request for Energy 103 also some years ago.
    There may be a decent copy out there somewhere, but I've yet to hear it.
    The ones I have aren't great quality either so it possible yours are the same ones I have also.

  • Hit After Hit, and excellent package and great on Energy 103 (offshoot of Radio Nova)

    Trent had some cuts, which were more than likely inspired by the Energy 103 stuff.
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    An off-air montage of Energy 103 cuts that I originally posted to jinglemad many years ago:

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