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Jingle Trivia Question

Hi All,

I've been a radio enthusiast for many years. I've always been interested in the mechanics of transmission and local content etc. I have recently taken an interest in the art of radio imaging.

When a new chart hit gets radio play, stations often have a type of jingle which samples the intro of the track, ie: the end of the jingle becomes the intro. Popular examples seem to include "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars and "Timber" by Ke$ha ft Pitbull. I think it adds a real cohesive flair, but experts on here may differ in opinion?

My question, therefore is - what is the term for that? Any good examples? Will this trend become more popular or is it a fad? I would expect it on dance stations, but CHR/AC seem to be using it now.
I guess it's somewhat similar to "Hi I'm [Artist] and you're listening to my new hit [Track] on [Network/Station]".



  • They certainly have been called Power Intros and I first heard them in the early 2000s done by Groove Addicts for GCap Group stations but they may have surfaced earlier..... welcome to the forum.
  • Yes, I'm with Graham - I know them as 'Power Intros'; had a few done a few years ago (early 2000s), but unless made properly in-house can be expensive when you get the station name and intro produced for every new chart hit!
  • The best Power Intros I've heard in recent years were for Studio Brussel (not surprisingly in Brussels), made by Reelworld, Pure Jingles and their own team at VRT.

    Artists mentioning the station name, sonic logos played over the tracks. Some are butt-joined to songs which have hard intros. The best ones are probably from around 7'10" for the likes of Dua Lipa, the piano on Tom Odell, Rag 'n' Bone Man and tons of others. They've binned using most of them these days, which is a shame. Sounds better with headphones than on a phone.

  • Just for extra anorak value, these:

    "Hi I'm [Artist] and you're listening to my new hit [Track] on [Network/Station]"

    are known as 'drops'.
  • Thanks all for your feedback. Some great imaging there.
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