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Hottest Chart Update from 10 - Radio 1 Jam Jingle from 1990

Hope everyone is well. Just been dusting off a few CDs and have come across this jingle which to my knowledge was never used. I guess with the full countdown after Number 2 it wasn't required. I have been splicing together from various sources the alternative countdown bed (with the different sax break in the middle) which came from another long bed - 3 minutes plus - which Gary Davies used to use for the Top 30 Album Chart. Does anyone have that and would they minding sharing it please? Think there were many variations on this cut like "CD Chart" and "American Top 20." For me, it will always be the best set of jingles for the Top 40.


  • I have dubs of these, but, sorry, they were "embargoed". "for reference purposes only" quality, here's the "vocal bits"
  • That disgusting word "Embargoed" makes me think of our late Jingle Friend David Barras.... :'(
    What ever happened to his impressive Jingle Collection after his passing?
    Did it get junked or passed over to somebody else who keeps it under lock and key for the rest of their days also?
    In a similar way David Hemsley's Jingle Collection was donated to some Media Museum and never seen the light of day since! :/
    I'm glad that I sold all my MD's and now selling my Jingle Vinyl Singles to people who will appreciate them in the future.....
    I most probably will do the same with the rest of my stuff in the next 10 -20 years...(If I'm lucky)
    Morbid I know But unfortunately a fact of life...... :(
  • I have heard that The David Barras Collection is being preserved for future reference
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    I understand that David Barras' collection was carefully removed (including the "second site backups" )
    to safe-keeping by someone in our hobby who cares very much about these things.

    Yes, David had several levels of "embargo" in his Lists, as well as "the ones so highly embargoed that they're not even on an embargoed list of embargoed ones!"

    A Good Guy.
  • Yes, "embargoed" is an interesting word in the world of Jingles. Is there a single one of us who can honestly say we've never given anyone anything we shouldn't have? Even the Producers of Jingles will have started trading illicit copies, I imagine.

    By nature of copyright, none of us should really have copies of anything, unless sold or given to us by the Producer. I remember one Producer saying in the pub "If you don't want jingles to get out, don't give a copy to ANYBODY"

    Happy memories of sitting in David Barras's front room, listening to stuff in his "embargoed" folder on the computer. Yes, there would have been stuff he played me, but didn't dub.
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    I have heard that The David Barras Collection is being preserved for future reference
    I think David Barras jingle collection went to the guy behind/running
    I have a page bookmarked on that site where items from his collection were going to be posted but sadly that page has been abandoned.
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    I have heard that The David Barras Collection is being preserved for future reference

    Preserved.... ? Where can it be referenced?
    When something is "Embargoed" How long is that in Lateral Time?
    A Year, Decade, Century or Eternity? :D
  • Since the discussion is "going sideways" anyway...

    A few years ago, while searching on line for a particular jingle item, I came across David's
    old "public" Jingle List on one of those early "snapshot" websites that "recorded for posterity"
    the contents of websites (remember when they used to do that in the pre-broadband era when
    there wasn't the zillions of sites of today?)

    PINK = MP3/WAV
    BLACK = Cassette-tape, DBX tape or reel-to-reel tape
    GREEN =Vinyl record
    RED = CD
    BLUE = Minidisk or DAT

  • Since the discussion is "going sideways" anyway...

    I'm the Master of taking threads sideways Iain.......Especially when I see the Key Word "Embargoed"
    Which incidentally is a word I've only ever seen in one place in the past! ???

  • Thanks for your replies. A thread that definitely went left field. There's nought wrong with that though.
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