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JAM WABC News/Talk Jingle Re-Sings

Does anyone know which stations, if any, besides the ones listed below, have gotten re-sings of JAM's late 90s/early 2000s WABC News/Talk jingle packages like Top News, Talktrax, Talking Points, Ameritalk?

Particularly Talking Points? Other than a cut on WGN, I don't think I've ever heard/seen that package re-sung before.

I know the following, in no particular order, have gotten some of those packages re-sung:
  • WHAS Louisville, KY - parts of TalkTrax
  • WTMA Charleston, SC - parts of TalkTrax
  • WGN Chicago, IL - almost all of Top News, some of TalkTrax, some of Talking Points, some of Ameritalk.
  • WNSR Nashville, TN - parts of Top News, parts of Talktrax
  • WOWO Fort Wayne, IN - parts of Ameritalk

Any others?



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