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$50 REWARD offered

Hello jingle fans,
First off I hope I'm allowed to offer money as a reward for finding a jingle(s), if not mods please delete this post. So here's the deal. I'll give $50 dollars via Paypal to the person who can find me a jock jingle a cappella from Pams series 31. As you probably know that series included male a cappella's of the stations jock names, I am looking for is the name Don Roberts my on air name for nearly 40 years. I highly doubt it exists though, but I'm thinking there's a chance that my last name Roberts might. I'm also going to offer the same $$ for an a cappella with first name Don.
I am retired now, this PAMS material is for my own personal use and never will it be used in public settings or on air. Just for my own amusement, I have a bunch of WABC jingles between the songs that are on my phone. I don't think I'm breaking any laws by doing this, somebody LMK if I am.
A few things to keep in mind, I will not need the first name Don if no one has audio of my last name, quality must be good, should u have or find the last name please be sure not to cut short the trailing reverb. Only the original PAMS singers from series 31 packages will be acceptable.
This is a legit offer and I will decide if the quality of the audio is good enough. I have no intentions of ripping anyone off. You can post the audio here on the forum or send it to me via email which I will post should there be a need.
Again, if any of this offer is against the rules please LMK.
Thanks for taking he time to read this post.
Green Bay


  • Silly question.....Why don't you contact Jon Wolfert?
  • UKJingles wrote: »
    Silly question.....Why don't you contact Jon Wolfert?

    Not so "silly"--and Jon MIGHT even let him have it at a "minimal" rate --if that...
  • Makes me think of the old KenR "paks" full of DJ names just asking to be cross-edited!
    Or the Ben Freedman IRS disks?
  • Makes me think of the old KenR "paks" full of DJ names just asking to be cross-edited!
    Or the Ben Freedman IRS disks?

    The Ken R 'Pro-Pak 3000' mentions that Don is one of the names on its cue sheet - check page 3 about halfway down:

  • UKJingles wrote: »
    Silly question.....Why don't you contact Jon Wolfert?

    Actually I have thought about contacting Jon and I'll probably do that if this reward offer doesn't pan out. A big
    part of this is the thrill of having the original PAMS singers.
  • Well might be so easy getting original singers.
  • Glen - you often miss out words when typing ... did you miss out "not" just there?
  • Sorry mind runs faster that the fingers.
    It might not be so easy getting the original singers. Or vocalists.
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    The name "Don Roberts" has now been rattling at the back of my mind for the past few days Rich...

    I know you were on "Green Bay's Number One", but did you have a "Don Roberts" sono by Ken Justiss via a certain
    South Carolina "small production company" circa 1970 or so ( a company that I had some KJ sonos from too)?

    I have the audio on the ancient demo in fairly good quality in-the-clear if you want it?
    Will PM you.

    PS - I'm NOT after the cash!!!

  • Thanks for all the comments guys, it's time to pull the plug on the reward. Reward is officially over as of today 9/6/2021. Next step is for me to contact Jon Wolfert to see about a custom. Been under the weather last 2 weeks and had a bit of extra time to think about this situation. What are the chances that one of the hundreds stations that bought series 31 BITD had a jock named Don Roberts? Gonna pose that question to Jon. I was probably a bit delirious at some point while under the weather and I thought this was a good idea LOL.
    I think I read in Ken R's book, although I'm not sure, that he spent several years cataloging all the tapes after he got them out of the warehouse. I could be wrong. I'll let you all know what Jon has to say, stay tuned, ha! :)
    Green Bay
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    So I am a bit late, but I have a nice Don Roberts shout for you, in the style of FT cut #2 - you also get it over the track. Shhh! I bet you I respond quicker than...
  • BABA
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    Norman, e-mail me.....
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