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Sad FB post

By the end of the day on August 2nd, 2021, 1070 AM will cease broadcasting after almost 83 years. Signed on in October 1938, folks in central Indiana came to trust what was then WIBC on that frequency. About 15 years ago, the WIBC AM programming moved to 93.1, the original frequency of WIBC-FM. 1070 became a sports station.
The land of which the towers currently broadcast is actually worth more now than the station itself. It has been sold and the property will be residential.
No word if the frequency will return. if another location can be used to rebuild the towers. With Real estate values going sky high and most people not interested in the AM band anymore, it appears it probably will not exist anymore.
Here are some photos from my collection from those golden years of radio when WIBC graced the airwaves. Do you have any favorite WIBC memories?


  • No photos link there Glen?

    WIBC Indianapolis...mooched a jingles tape from them all those years ago (1972?) - usual clever but weird Heller stuff.

    A sample or two...(apologies for "reference only" quality)...
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