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Pro-Pak 7000 Released

edited August 2021 in Jingles Yesterday! has just released Pro-Pak 7000! By far their biggest Pro-Pak collection (2.17 GB zipped), PP7K features over 1350 generic jingles and other exciting vintage elements, ready add more production value to the sound of your Oldies, Classic Hits, or Classic Country radio show or station.

Here's the breakdown:

* 111 generic jingles, including "For the USA," "Gold FM," "In The Know On The Go Radio," "Now Radio", and "Soul Radio" cuts

* 93 acapellas including cuts for features, gold & memories, music, radio, and weekend

* 36 announcer and voiceover lines

* 94 "Hi, this is ____" IDs from oldies and classic hits artists like the Beach Boys, Elton John, John Fogerty and Paul McCartney

* 208 musical building blocks for producing station and show imaging, as well as enhancing existing shouts and acapellas

* 257 vintage commercials that will bring back memories for oldies and classic hits listeners

* 120 countdown elements, including Sonovox cuts from Number 1 to Number 100

* 28 country music acapellas, shouts and Sonovox artist names

* 12 holiday cuts

* 32 music beds

* 39 musical elements

* 36 music beds

* 45 news and sports elements

* 14 radio promos including "Radio, The Sound Of Service" and "Radio, Your Constant Companion" multi-format campaigns

* 7 vocoder lines like, "The Best Songs" and "The Music Leader"

* 29 general-purpose shouts

* 83 Sonovox words and phrases

* 17 top-of-the-hour music beds

* 23 weather elements

Plus, you get your choice of year sings in various styles covering 1950-2009. There are over 180 year sings in all, so you'll always able to keep it fresh!

View the cue sheet, listen to demos and order here:
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