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News Talk jingles

Any news talkers that still use jingles today?


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    WABC and WGN are both using JAM.

    WLS, WBAP, KOA, and WMAL are using TM's Next News/Talk service.

    There's also New Jersey 101.5 which is news/talk on weekdays and music on weekends - they have custom jingles from TM.
  • WGN Chicago, WABC New York, and WNSR Nashville are using JAM. WBBM Chicago has been using TM for years. WTOP Washington, D.C. also got a custom from Reelworld... but no sung cuts.
  • Screeching vocal do not belong on newstalk radio
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    glen wrote: »
    Screeching vocal do not belong on newstalk radio

    If they're used correctly and are a legacy branding tool designed to identify with the age of a station's main demo, I'd argue that sung jingles (especially WGN's and WABC's) have the ability to compliment the personality of a station and keep its nostalgia going, in some cases.

    In my opinion, it's also about what cuts a station chooses and how they lyric them, not if they add them at all; WBBM's long-running TM TOH has very smooth, toned-down vocals that are quick & easy to remember but not (at least to my ears) "screeching."

    I may be in the minority here, but I also think that JAM's News/Talk WABC packages, while not as popular/famous as their Top 40 packages, feature some of the best orchestral arrangements I've ever heard in any jingle package. Who could say no to Top News cuts 2 and 4, for example?

    Plus, who here would say no to more jingles of any kind? :)
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    Speaking of news/talk jingles, does anyone know where this "In Touch with Chicago" jingle came from at 4:28?

  • Maybe Tuesday Production
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    WJDX Jackson is also using a TM custom called 'Talk, News & Sports,' and WTMA Charleston has re-sings of that package and TM's 'Capital News.'
  • WTMA is also using Talk, News and Sports.
  • LBC, Talkradio and Times Radio primarily use beds I couln't recall if you asked
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