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Looking for JAM Z-100 air versions


I have a friend who grew up in NY in the 80s, and he contacted me asking if I had any of the Z100 JAM air versions. I don’t, but I knew this was a good place to ask. Specifically, he was looking for the air versions of The Flame Thrower, and the different jock sings of Warp Factor cut 14 (I had a montage of Z100 jingles I got off Napster 20 years ago which had the Warp Factor DJ cuts, but that’s long gone). Anybody out there able to help? My friend would certainly appreciate it. Thanks!


  • Yes, I'm in part looking for the same thing. I'm interested in any air-checks of JAM on the air in NYC from Z-100 in the 80s/90s or WABC during the JAM news/talk period in the early 2000s. I have a collection of jingle masters, so feel free to message me if you'd like to exchange for those. Thanks!
  • You might like this . . .

    * The web link that Dave gives at the end isn't valid anymore ;)
  • Hi Jeffrey, years ago I made this liner/jingle/ident montage. Mind you, it's off air thus heavy processed!

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