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Alfasound late 70's early 80's cuts with a couple of Piccadilly re-sings for Steve Jenkinson

Done by Steve & Alan (Alfasound-Tapetrix) in the late 70's - early 80's. I had the privilege to go to Alan's house to the recording studio thanks to my late, great, mate - Chris Elliott. A couple of Piccadilly re-sings with some Steve England sonovox too. I popped a Trent promo on at the end as we did a lot of work with Trent back in those days. A BIG thank you to Len Groat (I hope you don't mind Len?). All taken from cart as I lost the master reels in my move to Australia many years ago. Quality fair to okay. Of the period - enjoy. Steve.


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    Superb stuff. Alfasound was at its best during this era.
  • "Superb stuff. Alfasound was at it best during this era"

    Will second that!
    And when there was some creative imagination in coming up with lyrics!
    Excellent Steve
  • Great, authentic stuff. I bought the original Piccadilly 1152 reference reels from Steve England a number of years ago, when he was having a clearout. I believe it was their first project as Alfasound.
  • Love those cuts
  • Love that classic Alfasound sound – great stuff! Thanks for sharing Steve.
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