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Turbo Z Cut 10 from Jam

In 1999 I went to Dallas, TX to produce jingles for Metropolitana FM, São Paulo, Brazil. On the same day, I ordered my TOH from Jam, and the chosen jingle was the classic Turbo Z - Cut 10. Simply the best.


  • It's interesting to see how popular a single cut can be. ?
  • "It's interesting to see how popular a single cut can be"


  • I never get tired of hearing Turbo Z #10 resings, and that one’s a belter; thanks for sharing Henrique.
  • My favourite JAM jingle! I put a post in one of the jingle FB groups a few months back to see how many versions we could find on the web, there were loads. I still think it must be up there amongst JAM's most requested resings.
  • A wee while back someone did indeed do a montage of the cut...lurking on a hard drive or two no doubt!

    (PS - I have "an experimental version" that someone did for me a while back, but better that one remains "unpublished" ! ;^) )
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