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New name

Entercom & is now Audacy


  • always amused by the attempts made to hide a really badly structured and run company. just remember; pepe le pew is still a skunk. perhaps a cute skunk, but it still looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, and 'reacts' like a skunk. to further prove my point, theres 'no'heart in the retreaded clear channel.
  • Of course, they chose a name that is not a normal spelling and since they don't always spell it out (when promoting the app), people will not know how to find it. They should have stuck with I guess, they don't want to be associated with radio, but still use radio as an advertising engine.
  • 'Bad book; New name'
    Johnny Fever WKRP

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    Truly amazing...
    118 views for this thread, yet only 48 for MP Basics #100.
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