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Are radio station jingles disappearing?

In the US, there are many cities that have few, if any radio station jingles.
There are other cities and towns that still use jingles from 20 or 30 years ago.

Is it this way in other countries?


  • As far as I can see stations in the Netherlands, Europe are still investing a lot in sung station ID's:

    Q Music is #2 overall but #1 in the target group 20-49. They have a continuing production flow of sung jingles:

    Dutch NPO Radio 2, overall #1 in the market, just ordered a huge custom package (demo still to produce)

    Another example: Funk/Jazz outlet Sublime FM just got new jingles

    Allmost every national station uses sung jingles, based on recent mostly custom made packages. Some local stations have custom packages too:

    But most locals use resings:

    I would say 90% of nationwide and bigger local stations use sung jingles.

  • I think as local SSDAB rolls out across the UK along with the recent string of 'online local' stations, hobby stations and bedroom run specialist stations, we will start to hear more jingles being sung again!
  • Thanks Marc for posting the jingles. Our jingles sound a lot different.
    I know there are certain areas in the U.S. that do have jingles, but it tends to be the same stations. Even then, some of those jingles aren't new.

    For example, one area has 65 stations. Only 5 stations have jingles that I am aware of.
    Even if 10 stations are taken out for being educational or are translators, etc, 5 out of 55 stations with jingles isn't very many. Out of the five, I think four are playing RW jingles and one plays an old jingle.

    Even before the Christian Contemporary jingles came out 15 years ago, there used to be religious jingles.

    You also don't hear Gospel jingles,
    although in the past they sometimes had a local group or individual sing the call letters.
    I remember one Gospel station that used Media General AC jingles.

    You used to hear alot of News jingles also.
    There are a few out there but not like it once was. I used to make sure to hear news stations when I went to other cities. Now, they are low on my priority list to listen to for jingles.

    There are some markets where jingles were once prevalent.
    One market in South Carolina once had eight different jingle packages and now I can only find two.
    Some major stations have no jingles at all that use to have jingles consistently.

  • Off the top of my head, there are over a dozen stations in my listening area (New Jersey, close to NYC) with jingles. This includes CHR, AC, Hot AC, Classic Hits, Oldies, Country, Sports, Spanish Tropical, and Talk stations. There are a good amount more that don't, but a lot of them are either non-commercial or have formats where jingles wouldn't typically be used. I guess it depends on where you live though.
  • Hi MJB. You are correct. The Northeast US does have jingles and where you live is probably the most populous area in the US.
    That area is in it's own category, for sure.

  • MJB, since you brought it up. here are the stations I can think of. Just for fun, what stations with jingles in your area am I missing?
    98.3 New Brunswick
    107.9 Woodbridge
    94.3. Asbury Park
    93.1 NY
    100.7 WHUD. Maybe?

    I didn't include Long Island or Connecticut.

  • Here in Albany, NY only a small handful use jingles.
  • Albany was always one of my favorite places to record jingles-off the air.
    Places like Pittsburgh, DC and Baltimore used to be good places too, but it seems to have slowed down considerably.
  • Australia is awful, in fact, woeful. Only one station in Melbourne uses ONE sung jingle constantly ... no others. 3AW .. a talk station, in Melbourne, has a very average package which hasn't been changed in decades. Most stations just use a silly male, or female, voice giving the station ID and frequency. If there are others in Australia who know better, please let me know. Thank you. Steve. Ps. Some community station jocks do play their own cuts which is good.
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