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Demo CD‚s List


I got a cupple of demo cd‘s in wave-format mostly from TM Century/Century 21. some of them is sorted in alphabetically order and not in the order as listed on the original cd.

Does exist a list of demo cd‘s in text or other format where it is able to find out the track lists? Or does anyone have some cover scans for me?

Many thanks



  • Most of the original TM Century / Century 21 demo CD's from the '90s didn't had covers.
    The demo CD's were sent in flexible transparant CD sleeves.
  • OK, and there is no disc numbering system as JAM did, where it is able to find out what was on wich cd and what is the cd title?
  • No disc numbering system like the JAM demo CD's.
  • The Century 21 demo discs had the track list printed on the face of the CD, with the name of the demo disc usually just being the station or package name of the first track.

    I'm not aware of any list detailing the Century 21 / TM demo CDs that were produced, but I would also certainly be interested in finding one, if only to see which ones I'm missing from my collection.

    I don’t think any other producer has been as meticulous as JAM in terms of an ordered list of demo CD numbers.
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