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WAKY - Radio Loves You (jingle)

Another interesting find I stumbled across, this is the WAKY - Radio Loves You jingle

which is a customized version for WAKY of the original version by PR Battle - (Radio Loves You)

Wondering if any of you radio buffs are aware if there are other customized versions of this song
floating around out there? Would be interested to hear other custom versions to see how they were
adopted to local markets.



  • This was done for WAKY by JAM. It's the only station we ever did this for. I don't know if anyone else had one done by another producer. (I've played this and talked about it on my Rewound Radio show!)
  • @JAM / PAMS
    Thanks for the insight, sorry I may have missed your mention of it during one of the Rewound shows, although I try to listen to as many of them as time permits.
    Really surprised that WAKY was the only station that would have approached JAM for s custom version.
    Loved the WAKY custom version as much as the original.

    I know JAM did custom versions for the Starships "We Built This City" and a while back I recall hearing a sample of about three versions that JAM created. Wondering if you could shed some light on just how many were actually created for that song, and if any over seas stations had custom sing-overs for that tune?

    As always, nothing but immense respect & praise for you & all the fine folks at JAM Jon, & thanks for your efforts in producing a selection of jingles for me over the years ;)

    Seasons Greetings & Best Wishes for a happy, healthy 2021 to you & everyone at JAM.

  • Hi! Stumbled across this site when looking for the song. There is a Swedish version of this song too. In 1978, it stayed one week on the national chart. Over and out! FOH
  • Sorry. Just realized this is a jingles forum. ;-)
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