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Phoenix Productions Generic Jingles

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A fellow collector shared some MP3s of some generic UK jingles supposedly done by a company called Phoenix Productions. There were some IDs and jingles for "Hospital Radio" and some news and other musical themes that sounded almost like the "Casey's Coast To Coast" part of the American Top 40 logo.

These were originally on cassette. The content reminded me of the generic DJ stuff released by Alfasound on cassettes back in the day. He said he originally got them from the Jingle Ark site.

Anybody familiar with these and who "Phoenix Productions" is/were? Thanks!


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    Others will be able to fill in the gaps, but Phoenix was a UK production company based near Stoke-On-Trent in the UK - I seem to remember that it was in the middle of nowhere! It was set up by Les Woollam in the early 90's. They made jingles for Signal Radio and I believe that everything they did for other radio stations (including Hospital Radio) was a re-sing of that package. If I were a betting man, I would say that they used some of the same singers as Alfasound (incl. Steve Butler?) They also created lots of production music. We were able to secure that library back in the day for use on our community TV station. In additional to some personal cuts for hospital radio, I also attended a vocal session when we bought a cut for the regional cable company. I liked their stuff, it was quite different to the Alfa/JAM/TM/MMI material heard everywhere else. Apparently they are still in business under a different name; Take 2 Studios.
  • Do you have any generic radio jingles on an MP3 file that you can send?
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    This does seem interesting.
  • Their jingle demo for radio/commercials in on their website (awful quality). I misplaced the reels/DAT's from back in the day, so don't have anything decent to share, just a nasty cassette dub :-(
  • OK. Do you know any websites where I can find generic sung radio jingles?
  • Thanks for the info, CanadaJim! Justin, check out Pro-Paks 1000 through 4000 at LOTS of generic jingles, shouts, Sonovox lines and more.
  • Signal, Phoenix...any excuse for a montage (not been too many on JM of late...)

  • I really liked this package - and they used the theme often on a Friday night before Rockline or similar programme. I understand it hads a mixed reception at the station - not universally popular but in its time it sounds great on air.
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    "...not universally popular...(at the station...)"

    Possibly a bit "harder" sound than the two earlier Alfasound customs?

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    Just to add to the info that CanadaJim has provided above, Les Woolam was head of Signal Radio’s acclaimed comprod (commercial production department), which also produced commercials and jingles for lots of other stations under the Phoenix Productions name. So, for all intents and purposes, it can be said that the 1987 jingle package was a Signal Radio in-house production.

    I believe Signal Radio eventually closed its production department and Les formed his own company called “Take 2 Studios” in 1993 to continue producing jingles and commercials.

    There are some audio samples on the Take 2 Studios page of their hospital radio jingles:

    Sadly, the website hasn't been updated since 2007 and the "Jingles2Go" site doesn't appear to work anymore.
  • i was looking for phoenix and came across this forum. the reason is i found a reel 2 reel of jingles i had them do for hospital radio/me back in the 1990's. i also found the copies on cassette and transferred across to the pc on monday. i had wondered what happened to them. i remember the guy singer was in jersey so there was a delay. they then gave me a couple of extra jingles as compensation. i think in total it was around 150 quid at the time.
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