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Personality + JAM Jingles (What more could you ask for?)

Stumbled across this video aircheck / documentary today
KKHR Los Angeles - The Whole Story!

Credit to the folks who put it together:
~ Hosted by Jon Cherney
~ Produced by Steve Jacobs Elstein

Lou Simon
Dave Donovan (Joe Cipriano)
Christopher Lance
Jack Armstrong
Mark Hansen

Contains interviews with the original Air Staff/Personalities + Features
the original HITRADIO JAM Jingle Package! What more could a jingle fan
ask for? ;)



  • Great video! I've seen it before. Love that Top of Hour ID Jingle from JAM, cut #6 from The Flame Thrower! It's always been a favorite, even have my own personal cut that Jon & the gang at JAM did for me a couple of years ago.
  • I really really enjoyed this. It seems to me that corporate profit motives killed a part of the loose creative space where fun DJ's tended to have more freedom on the air - and that goes for the jingles too. Let's hope human warmth and love for fun and music will lead the way with our beloved medium instead of algorithms and prerecorded anouncements...
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