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Need the WABC Tympani

Hello jingle fans,
I'm looking for a good copy of the Tympani WABC used BITD at the beginning of the weekly Super Hit survey promo. It starts off with the tympani and then Big Dan starts the voice over "This week WABC presents these Super Hit sounds" followed by a montage of about 5 songs and ends with Dan again saying "plus dozens of top stars in continuing entertainment presented by the All Americans, more minutes of the music you want to hear are on" followed by a closing jingle.
Anyone in jingle land have this cut or know someone who might? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time,
Green Bay


  • edited September 2020

    Any audio sample available of that please Rich?

    " # Dubble-Yoo Dee Yoo Zee, Green Bay's Number One! # "

  • Not to worry, Iain--I happened to have it & helped Rich out..:)

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