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New Lincs FM jingles

The first Lincs FM jingles/imagine under Bauer launched today- Rick Scott has returned as the male VO originally used in 2001.

As they're not from the 80s, I don't know which studio has made them. Could somebody enlighten me please?

I haven't heard many but I like them, they sound fresh and modern which Lincs FM really needed.


  • It's also worth mentioning that Dawn French (voice of Greatest Hits Radio) appears on the Compass FM news intro, change is coming...

  • Thanks for the pointer Duncan – I tuned in and recorded a few of the new jingles yesterday evening:!Al3ZZzrqNZ5ugbt0C3H6g9BCePH9Bg?e=594oq5

    I haven’t seen any confirmation (and no production house is advertising the fact yet) but it sounds very much like Tim Jame’s work to me – remember Bespoke Music did do the Bauer City 2 Network Jingles in 2015.
    They sound very refreshing for Lincs FM.

  • Good old Andy Marsh, still there since the launch in 92

  • Sounds good. I'll be driving through the A1 part of the Lincs patch next week, so will have a listen. My money is on Bespoke for the Jingles.

  • Here's a short montage I've put together of the fresh new cuts for Lincs FM.

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