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Just for fun here's the current sound of BBC Local Radio in under 2 minutes


  • Graham i feel the need for an intervention coming on :)

  • Why do I suddenly think of the days of the "GWR Group sweepers"?

  • Wow Graham - you've been busy!

  • I’m gonna need a sit down after that! Nice one.

  • And if u want a slightly more leisurely pace ...


  • edited July 12

    Well, at least its a "consistent" professional sound across the stations!
    And far better than Mccasso (nor difficult...) - what wasted years.

    Just sounds a bit...."yesterday" now somehow, especially the (unstacked? solo?) female vocal and tired synth "sonic whatsits" ?

    { Bring back the NDO and the Radiophonic Workshop ! ;^) }

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