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Adrian Baker Jingle Cuts + Chris Rainbow Jingle Cuts (Requesting Help!)

hello! while i posted earlier in the christian radio jingles thread, this is my first discussion on jinglemad! i am a collector of jingles for 70's UK artists Adrian Baker and Chris Rainbow for their unique one-man vocal harmony work. a friend of mine and i have been working together for a long time on compiling every adrian baker and chris rainbow jingle we can find. you can listen to our work for adrian baker here; its an on-going project and i'm sure we're missing a lot of things. fun detail: the pete waterman jingle came from a radio jingle acetate my friend purchased!

now for chris rainbow. i have the summer radio cuts for dave lee travis/kid jensen/peter powell/simon bates from this compilation (thank you tas shoukris!) along with lower quality rips of paul burnett and tony blackburn summer radios from radiorewind. i also have a 90's summer radio cut for willie morgan on the chiltern supergold network by chris rainbow from audioboom. does anyone know if chris did other summer radio cuts besides these (or does anyone have the tony blackburn/paul burnett jingles in higher quality?) i've never seen mentions of other radio 1 summer radios by chris besides these but the supergold one makes me wonder if he did them for other ILR stations.

i am aware of the jingle montage by pete wilson of chris rainbow's capital radio jingles and the jingles that were released on waves and the chris rainbow anthology. i have this alternate capital radio jingle cut not present on any of those here:

pete wilson's montage:

i have heard that chris has done jingles for ILR stations, and there is a written section within the liner notes for unreleased & demo tracks 1973-1983 that says that chris did jingles for radio clyde and radio forth. i haven't been able to find any jingles chris did for these stations, although i did find one that SOUNDS like chris in voice, but not in jingle style if that makes sense (was chris brought in as a singer for other people's jingles or did he just write his own?)


(possible?) chris rainbow radio forth jingle:

apologies for the wall of text; i've been looking for jingles for these artists with my friend for a very long time now. if anyone at all can help with us find jingles/radio appearances/trailers etc for either of these artists that we don't already have i would very much appreciate it! thank you!


  • That's NOT either of them on the "Radio Forth" clip - that's the "DIY vocals" of the late
    David Balfe on one of the poorer "Soundhouse" in-house Forth packages news-in.
    I can see why one would think the near-falsetto comes in though.

    Used to have the cut your're thinking of that was on Clyde - sounded utterly awful on-air
    (like many of their "artiste-style" "jngles" were).

  • thank you for the confirmation! that helps out; i was thinking the voice MIGHT have been him but the jingle itself certainly didn't sound like either of their styles. oh well! i'll change the description on that clyp then.

    shame you don't have the clyde jingle anymore! but maybe someone else might; i've been scratching my head over radio forth and radio clyde jingles by chris rainbow since i have managed to find zero in my countless hours of jingle listening.

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    Clyde had a lot of such "artiste" kind of jingles - really bits of then-current songs for plugging the songs.
    Some weren't too bad, others really did not "work" on-air, but in that era even the best jingles in the
    world would have sounded bad (and even their "proper" ones did) on-air as they really did not have a
    clue how to use them.

    Years later though, they did eventually "understand" jingles in a way that DID sound really effective
    on-air - but really after most of the "auld yins" were well retired from radio.

    I'll have another look for audio later.

  • Is that Willie Morgan Jingle actually Chris Rainbow?
    Don't forget Sean Martin and I had the "Summer Radio" Jingle resung in Dallas! :wink:

  • it is chris! it was uploaded by the dj themselves and they confirm that in the description here:

    Iain, if you manage to find anything for clyde or forth that would be fantastic! adrian did a candy baby singover for clyde which you can hear in the compilation which makes me wonder if he did a sherry singover for them as well. i have heard that adrian possibly did these types of jingles for every station in the country. as for chris well, i haven't heard a single clyde jingle by him but he says that he did do them in the liner notes of that CD. thank you so much for looking!

  • Nice to hear these again - all those Capital Radio jingles where it wasn't even deemed necessary to mention the station name. Never such innocence again.

  • I know JAM did a re creation of that cut If anyone has a Copy of it would love to have a listen



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