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WPTR Albany very old 1959 jingle package of unknown origin

This jingle package is one I dubbed from vinyl archives at WPTR when I worked there in 1972. I recently rediscovered my tape copy. These date to 1959, and pre-date anything that PAMS did for WPTR over it's long history. I sent this package to Jon Wolfert a few weeks ago and he did not know their origin either, saying they might have been locally done. Very Old 50's Jingles.mp3?dl=1


  • Norman Barrington has some of those WPTR jingles on his site

  • Thanks for posting those! I grew up here in the Albany, Schenectady, Troy area, only heard the Boom Boom Brannigan cut on an aircheck. I'll ask around to a few jocks I've worked with and see if they know the origin of that package.

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