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Radio 1/Radio 2 Days of the week Idents

Just a longshot. A long time ago this must be going back at least 2 to 3 years ago. There was a posting on here which had either the Radio 1 or Radio 2 Days of the week Idents. (Think it was Radio 2). Since the site has been revamped those posting cannot be found. Not as easy to be found?
Any chance that anybody on here has got a copy of these or who can possibly point me towards the posting. I thought I had saved the link on an email or as a bookmark but alas I have not.
Any assistance would be gratefully receieved

Thankyou very much in advance



  • Was it anything like any of these?

  • Yes Thankyou
    I think they were like that and the Radio 2 versions were a bit slower

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    I have a copy of the Radio 2 days of the week that a member (I forget who) posted.
    "Sunday on Radio 2" was my favourite. It fitted the "day of rest" perfectly. It sounded religious with it's amazing, rich vocal. "Saturday on Radio 2" was my next favourite - the weekend has arrived.
    Anyway, when I get chance, or someone beats me to it, I'll dig em out and post 'em this coming week.

  • That would be good, GW :)
    My copies above of the Radio 1 ones are only MP3s of dubious source.

    Any better quality versions or the Radio 2 ones would be welcome too!

  • Gameswizard You are a star Thankyou

  • I've tried to make it sound as good as possible, but the original quality was not the best & quite compressed/heavily limited to start with, but you get the idea. (Thanks to the member who originally provided this).

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    I think that must be a contender for the most dreadful audio quality ever posted here. The extra reverb completes the mess.

  • Gameswizard You are a star .. Brilliant What I have always wanted .... Thankyou

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    @GrahamCollins said:
    I think that must be a contender for the most dreadful audio quality ever posted here.

    That's the sort of comment a troll would make. I said as much to start with but you had a listen anyway so you could complain about it? I thought you were better than that.
    If you have a superior quality version, then post it.

  • Hi To continue my quest for days of the week idents has anyone please got one that sings Weekend I believe Radio 1 and Radio 2 had versions of this.. Thankyou in eager anticipation
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