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What happened to Loris Meroni and Jingles Factory?

Lost track of Loris and Jingles Factory in Italy.
Should I fear the worst?


  • Domain name is currently up for sale, circa $19000 US.

  • good luck with that

  • Some 2015 references from jingleweb of the Netherlands here

    Anyone able to run the text through a translator program?

  • bring it up in Chrome.. it should ask you if you want it translated.

  • Does not give any clue to what has happened

    29.09.2015 - We play the music that you love: Enjoy Radio. That can be said about the slogan in the jingles. Its style? Soul, disco, wrong 80s, everything runs together in this package from the Italian Jingles factory in Milan for Enjoy Radio. We hear sound-a-likes from Sister Sledge, the hit radio time from Veronica, Moments & Whatnauts, Luther Vandross, etc. And that can be right, because this internet station runs both old records and new hits. The visual logo of this Greek commercial radio station makes us think of a brand for detergents. Anyway; enjoy and listen to the demo!

  • same thing I noticed. Not pertinent to the question. Very old post

  • While Loris and I had our differences, he loved creating music and jingles.
    I suspect a health issue or less likely, a business complication.

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