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WABC Jingle History

The mini-documentary tracing the history of jingles used by Musicradio 77 WABC New York is now available online for streaming or download. This was first presented over the course of 3 weeks in December 2019 by Jon Wolfert on his weekly Rewound Radio show. A consolidated, and slightly improved version is available here:


  • Thanks a bunch Jon. Greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you Jon, fantastic as always!

  • Thanks Jon.

  • A Heckuva "compilation" from a former jingle "afficianado" and now a LEADER in Jingle production. You cannot say enough about Jon Wolfert's PASSION for jingles and the "History of WABC's jingles" displays that PASSION

  • Thank you Jon! Great presentation! What's next? I Know. "The History Of PAMS", - Completed past series 30!

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    Good news! The "Barbershop Fun" cut from series 33B for WABC has been found in a YouTube video about PAMS acapellas. It's at 40 seconds into the video and it was re-sung for at least one station, WHB in Kansas City, and the WHB version of the cut has the word "nutty" instead of "lovely".
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    Not quite sure what the fuss is about one cut two years after previous thread entries?

    However, I've had the item on a station-recorded reel since.....1971, so here it is
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    The WABC version of the "Barbershop Fun" cut can be found 40 seconds into the YouTube video above.

    The WABC version of the "Chicken 50" cut, also from series 33B, can be found in the WABC Jingle History section of the JAM website.

    There's also at least one cut of JAM's Outstanding for WABC, cut 4.

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