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Ratnob's new JAM personal cuts

Here are my two newest personal cuts from Jam:

Nice Move #19
Festive, restive, apprehensive,
cheesy, wheezy, never sleazy
Geoffy B is playing our songs
Spending time again with our friends
Your new Christmas mix with Geoff Barton

ProRadio #8
He's playin’ our music, he's havin’ some fun
For cheesy favourites, Geoff is still the one
Go go, Geoffy B

You can hear all the JAM jingles I've purchased over the past ten years or so here:

Happy Christmas, all.




  • Defiantly a “nice move” on your part with the first one – love that!! You can’t beat JAM, especially for Christmas cuts.

    Have a great Christmas Geoff.

  • Ahhhhhh!
    Not so much "cheddar" as the finest 2-year-aged "Comte"!

    Excellent, Geoff!
    A Merry Christmas to You and Yours

  • Very Nice Especially the first one must have taken you ages to come up with the lyrics!

  • Wow! That second jingle just JUMPED out of my radio!

    Great stuff as always, GB!

  • Very nice cuts GB - great lyrics too. These jingles really sparkle. Top notch stuff as ever from JAM.

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