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Stereo Where Stereo Wasn't

There's little doubt that there's little chance of getting stereo mixouts of jingles from long ago where there's little chance of either obtaining the multitracks.

Growing up just outside of the Arbitron #1 market I heard a bunch of stations. A particular set of jingles that made an impact on me was the Steve Karmen "News Is" package that WCBS-AM New York used a long time ago. From my research with other it appears these were never mixed to stereo nor are there any stereo version of these. I had been attempting to get a clean lossless dub of the mono audio but while I'm awaiting word back from a former WCBS employee I know who's in possession a dub I decided to do a test mix on one of the MP3s I have. I think it came out pretty good for a quickie attempt, as I wasn't going to spend a lot of time using a lossy source. I thought I'd share my initial efforts with the group to see what others think about it.

Enjoy - comments welcomed

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