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A Holiday Jingle Montage

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Just thought I'd re-share this, been a while since I posted it many years ago on the old site, who's link has since vanished into the ether.
Many years ago, Mike Frazer (then of 98 Now! - WCAU FM in Philadelphia) granted a Christmas wish of mine by creating a jingle montage
of their "Hot Hits" jingles.
Yes, they're dated, but they still sound GREAT!! and bring back some present memories of how much fun it was to listen to the radio back
in the day, so for those new jingle anoraks who haven't heard this before, Enjoy! & for those who have, but just want to enjoy it again..
I submit for your listening pleasure:!_(Holiday_Jingle_Montage).mp3/file

Seasons Greetings



  • Link goes to a download link that goes to a load of junk. *Robox??????"
    Then "repair" "download keys" that---- go to another load of junk.

    Can you have a play with it (I don't have mediafire access) and see whats happened?


  • The link works fine for me Iain - you need to click the green "DOWNLOAD (12.39MB)" button:

  • Thanks for posting lot of Jingles I have not heard before

  • Mark - the green box is what I used.

    Is now going to a "" website!

    Repeated to same result.

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    @IainJohnston said:
    Mark - the green box is what I used. Is now going to a "" website! Repeated to same result.

    Not sure why it's not working for you as Martin and I have been able to download it without problem - have you tried using a different browser?

    Anyhow, check your email as I've sent it to you via WeTransfer. :smile:

  • edited December 2019

    That's just what I needed. Lots of awesome JAM in that montage.

  • I right-clicked the green "Download" button (instead of left-click) and it worked fine for me. Impressive montage!

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