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GWR Network 1990s News Bed


Does anybody know or remember the name of the track that the GWR Network used in the mid 90s for their news intro/bed? It's the bed that followed the Greg Marston "Complete News & Information for X, Y & Z..." sweeper. The only lead I can get on it was that it might have come from a KPM library called 'Power Shots' but despite digging through the ILM and EMI/KPM archives, I can find no trace of anything library called 'Power Shots' - I've even chased up contacts in the US who were Production Directors at the time and they have never heard of it either!

Am I going down a dead end with this or could anyone clear it up for me please - I would very grateful!


  • Your information is good - the cut in question is the first cut on the 1990 KPM “Power Shot 2” CD and is entitled “Driving Force.”

    This track, along with everything else on the series of 3 excellent Power Shot CDs were composed by Michael Lee and Robert Lee and produced for KPM by Brown Bag Productions. The beds, logos, links, stings and effects on these CDs were used in production on virtually every radio station back in the early 90s.

    Today sadly, as you have found, these items are now deleted from the KPM catalogue and no longer available for whatever reason (probably licencing issues), so the best place to get hold of these CDs is when they appear on Ebay (or such like).

  • Thanks for that, it seems strange that HitMix is still available but Power Shots isn't. I'll keep any eye on ebay in future!

  • While I don't have anything to offer CP2020 regarding what he's looking for, being somewhat familiar with Brown Bag Productions from back in the 80's, and being introduced to Mike Lee by a former one time Denver radio dude (Big Ron 'OBrien) it sparked my interest to see what I could dig up on Dr. Lee.
    I have vivid memories of Ron sharing with me how amazing Mike was, and how they once worked together in L.A. at KROQ, & so when I came across this article (circa 2004):

    I thought some folks on this forum may enjoy learning more about Dr. Lee, & how he & his brother formed Brown Bag Productions, & exactly what they did besides crafting music libraries for radio.

    Somewhere on a hard drive in my collection, I have some old Brown Bag demo's, as winter sets in & I have a chance to go through some archives, if/when I dig up anything, I'll post what I have just to share what I have, while I still can.


  • Thanks for posting the link to the article @Radioboy and I would defiantly be interested if you manage to dig out anything Brown Bag related from your collection.

    I know Brown Bag Productions was acquired by AMFM Radio Networks in 1999 and both Michael and Robert stayed on as Vice Presidents, but very little information is out there today about these legendary radio production libraries from a pre-internet age.

    I’ve got several Brown Bag production discs in my collection from the 1985-90 era, but was wondering if anybody had a definitive list or historical catalogue of what they released. At the time of the sale to AMFM, a news report I read stated they operated 11 music and sound libraries containing more than 5000 cuts!

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    Unfortunately I don't have any definitive list or historical catalog of what they released, I all I recall was receiving a cassette in the mail from my friend who forwarded me a demo with the title: "Sonic Edge" on it.


  • Thanks @Radioboy for posting the audio.

    On the back of this discussion, I finally got round to going through and ripping a number of Brown Bag Production CDs which were kindly donated to me a while back, which helped confirm something that I had long suspected; that the KPM Power Shot series were kind of a “Best of Brown Bag” as I found many of the cuts from the Power Shot series scattered across the Brown Bag CDs I have.

    As a bonus, the ripping exercise was also useful to me as I found a couple of beds that my local station, The New Hallam FM used circa 1993.

    It would be great to be able expand on my Brown Bag Production CDs, so would love to hear from anyone who might be able to help me as they seem to be quite rare as I’ve never seen any appear on Ebay or such like over the years.

  • Hi there, I just come across this site and for many years had the same problem. My issue is the weather bed GWR used in the mid 90s, it kind of had a rock theme.

  • mbmb
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    Just a thought it's not Z Rock by AJ is it? I know it has been used as a weather bed

  • Hiya, thanks for the reply and what a great track. Unfortunately it’s not the one, but it sound very close. I will have a go at uploading a sample of the bed

  • Here is a sample of the track. It’s not clear, but enough to hear the track

  • @webby179 said:
    Hiya, thanks for the reply and what a great track. Unfortunately it’s not the one, but it sound very close. I will have a go at uploading a sample of the bed

    Ahhh sorry it was a wild shot - I think I prefer the AJ track hahahaha - I don't recognise that A lot GWR group imaging came from the mediocre production library - like Dull sweepers 1 and non-descript background stuff 3 :)

  • Do you know any of the Production Library Music cds. I have a small collection of KPM and Chap, not sure if it could be on any of them?

  • There are a few DeWolfe music CD's that feature tracks by AJ and David Arnold and Paul Hart and have some good tracks / effects

  • Thanks for the advice, already given up looking. Lots of cds to try and sample lol

  • There'a growing collection of KPM CDs that are now available to hear on Spotify.

  • Hi I have got quite a few of the KPM collection on cd. I’m just struggling to get the production library that was used by GWR group

  • I always quite liked the news intro they used in the mid/late 90's, don't think it had a bed, it just was an intro that said something along the lines of xx news and information xxx fm. Haven't heard it in years, the one I remember definitely didn't include the music bed above, that must have been before I started listening.

  • Hi yes the news jingle music is on the Power Shot KPM series. The music above was used while the presenter read the weather after the news report. I’m sure towards the end of the 90s the news reader took over the weather reporting duties from the DJ

  • @GrahamCollins said:
    There'a growing collection of KPM CDs that are now available to hear on Spotify.

    and Amazon Music 😉

  • I remember 'Power Shots' - think there were 2 or 3 compilations. Sadly I gave mine away a few years ago but let me check and see if he still has them. If so, I'll post them somewhere.

  • Hi Masty Did you ever find your copy of Powershots please

  • @Paul M said:
    Hi Masty Did you ever find your copy of Powershots please

    Hi Paul, yes I did. Drop me a PM. all the best

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