New! JingleMad Radio webplayer. Find it at

JingleMad Radio player

Still working on a better player for JingleMad Radio - meanwhile, if you press the play button on the cart above, and get a pop-up player, you might need to press STOP then PLAY icons to actually get it going. Sorry about that!



  • New jingle player now on the pop-up - it should auto play. Let us know what you think! You can acccess it directly here.

  • First Time it's ever "worked" for me--but "play" it does!! Congrats...:)

  • Will there be a listen again feature because there are certain jingles I would love to hear again if I missed them on air?

  • Just keep listening for a few days, it'll be back on :)

  • How do I stop the Player from automatically starting? Have tried, and setting the volume to 0, but it just comes back next time I visit the forum.

  • Should be fixed now. Hopefully more people will listen whilst browsing the forums. It's hardly worth the bandwidth at the moment. Maybe it's time to turn it off?!

  • Thanks, wouldn't want it to start playing on the PC speaker at work! :)

  • Is anyone else unable to connect to JingleMadRadio, either via the web player, or using Winamp ?, it has not worked for me for over a day now !

  • Sorry all - having a few hardware issues at the moment, but I am working on it. Please excuse any downtime.

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