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Turkey Time

I received this from a friend of mine who knows what a fan I am of Bobby Rich, who's a seasoned radio pro & vet, spanning from the west coast to the east coast, and landed at many point in between honing & refining & his craft over the years. I was fortunate to be at just the right age when he landed in N.Y. to program WXLO (99-X) to really notice & enjoy what he brought to the table as P.D. & how under his directorship, made 99X-FM the Most listened To Station in America back in the day.

Prior to his programming 99X, Bobby was working at San Diego's KFMB. I'm sure many of you folks who visit know the name Bobby Rich, and may have heard his work on 93-KHJ, or KMGI/KIXI Seattle.

Some of you may have been subscribers to the old ReelRadio site, & enjoyed the annual, seasonal "Turkey Hour" treats during Thanksgiving, (I know I sure have) but this year I received a special treat from Bobby's brother in law & former Assistant PD Rob "Shotgun" Sisco which I've been given permission to share with folks who may share the same passion for radio which I'm confident those of us logging in here do.

So, submitted for your "aural & visual gratification" let me share this blast from the past with you

On so many levels, this is so enjoyable to watch and enjoy.



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