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Jon Wolfert (JAM) returns to Rewound Radio

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Apparently it will be a weekly show too! As per Allan Sniffen of the Rewound Radio/The New York Radio Message Board...
Jon Wolfert, president of JAM (the biggest jingle creator/producer in the country) starts a LIVE show tomorrow (Saturday) on Rewound Radio. He'll be on after my live show at 5PM (E).

After his first show tomorrow, Jon will continue his series of live Rewound Radio shows on Sundays.

Jon will be doing a DJ show so he'll be playing music plus he'll also be doing special segments on the radio jingles. If you've got a request for a classic jingle you'd like him to play, you can do it via the special link we've set up (see below).

Jon has done other shows on Rewound Radio but this is a live show which makes it more fun for listeners and also for him! The best radio is done live (as I think everyone on the NYRMB knows!).


  • Just to avoid confusion, Jon won't be on after mjb1124, but after Allen Sniffen, owner of Rewound Radio and the New York Radio Bulletin Board

    This is the Board link, and a site ALWAYS worth having wander around, and that includes UK and others visiting too!
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    Just to avoid confusion, Jon won't be on after mjb1124
    It's a nice thought though! :)
  • Thanks for correcting your wee grammatical hiccup in the original post mjb!

    Wonder what the "jingle bits" Jon is going to do will be about?
    He's told so many anecdotes before on so many occasions, yet his wealth of "jingle knowledge" is mind-boggling!
  • Oh, wow. This is good news. Jon goes back to his radio roots.
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    If I got this right: The show starts 22:00 BST in the UK?
  • If anyone recorded the show, please drop me a line ;)
  • I can tell you that during the final 15 minutes of the show,there were several "buffering" incidents which caused me to lose the connection (Ethernet) for upwards of up to 3 minutes or so.. :(
  • Hi folks. Is there a link to recording or replay of this show somewhere?
  • No per Allan Sniffen:<<"*NO* show that contains music can be made available for download (legally). Not without paying additional copyright fees. "<<
  • Ok. Can I enquire if anyone recorded it, for personal use of course, and would be willing to make it available to me?
  • Hi folks. Is there a link to recording or replay of this show somewhere?
    There's a 'scoped aircheck (it's still over an hour long because I talk too much!) here:

    Jon on Rewound June 2
  • Link ne marche pas Jon

    Best it does is offer G00gle search and ends up on the Rewound site but no-show of the aircheck.
    (Unless some kind of geo- or other blocking to UK ? )
  • Link ne marche pas Jon
    Quelle tristesse. Thanks for the heads-up.

    I don't know what went wrong, but here's the link:

    There's another show on Sunday.
  • Thank You for "scoped" air check, Jon
  • Hi Jon. Thanks for the aircheck. Appreciate it. Will listen later.
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    Thanks Jon, but what a shame. The scoped version is only 1 hour and 10 minutes ;)
  • Can't post the music...:)
  • Listened to today's show - even managed to get a namecheck - thank you Jon !

    Recorded much of it, but had a number of the "buffering incidents" similar to the situation reported last week.
    Possibly due to how fragile all those little packets of glued-together-data are travelling thousands of miles
    from NY to UK but possibly Jon may again provide a scoped version?
  • Indeed Iain--"More Buffering, More often"--could be a great jingle, Jon..:). seriously, though it knocks the heck out of "continuity"...:(
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    "More Buffering, More Often" is at least a better format than "All Buffering, All the Time"
    as on many jingle (and other) websites back in the dial-up era!

    PS - the interview with Geoff Fox (Foxx?) was far more interesting than I expected - worth remembering
    that many "dee-jays" of the hey-day of US Top 40 radio were far more versatile (and indeed talented)
    than many of today's bland FacePalm/TooYube-dependent "presenters".

    And the "thrill" the guy got on for the first time having a station get him a jingle actually with HIS name sung on it!
    (...and REAL name at that, rather than the generic plug-in names used by many stations in the past, e.g. a particular
    group of stations used the name "Johnny Dark" for their night-time DJs on every station, even if one left and other
    person took over the slot the "name" remained the same).

    A highly-commended listen!
  • It was a pleasure to listen to the show last sunday.
    Unfortunally I missed the first 30 minutes and last hour.
    Does anyone recorded the show or maybe have a scoped aircheck?


  • Jon provided one for the first show he did (seems there was a few "buffering" issues)--perhaps he will again.....
  • I had couple of times dropouts because of buffer problems, but that was not a problem for me.
  • Does anyone maybe have a scoped aircheck?
    It's here:

    This was recorded from "the air" (the stream) and there were a couple of times where it dropped out and we had to just slap together what was left.

  • Thanks Jon :-)
  • Driving into work (in the sunshine!) listening to Jon's second show sure beats the London stations.
    Please keep the scoped airchecks coming
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    Great show yesterday. Unfortunally there were some problems the first 30 minutes with the internet connection from JAM headquarters.
    I enjoyed the inside jingle stories and the background info on specific jingles/packages. Jon has also great DJ scales (knowledge of the music, talking over intros .e.t.c.).
    Maybe choosing an other radio automation system, but you can't have it all :-)

  • Great show Jon and thanks for the upload/link :)
  • Please keep the scoped airchecks coming
    OK, for those of you who just can't get enough:

    You really need to get out more :)
    Thanks for the nice comments.

  • But it’s your fault we’re not getting out Jon lol!????Great to hear you doing Radio again! Thanks.
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