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Jingle request / Jinglemad gets a "namecheck" from the New York Radio Message Board

A bit of tail wagging dog here, but a member of the much-respected NYRMB is looking for a dub of the
WABC version of the PAMS Series 18 Sonovox "song" ...

- and one of their members suggested JM :^)
(I suspect they don't realise JM a UK-based site but with "international" membership)

I'm sure various people on here will have it, and JMW himself I'm sure could help, but the site is "real names only"
so even making a suggestion of "where to try" would need someone already on their system.

Anyone able to assist?


  • I sent along a copy of the Sonowaltz he needed... turned out to be a version with, yes... a Sonovox ID, not the usual singers.
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  • GW - the posts have been removed from the main NY Board but not appeared the NY History Board"
    as had been suggested.

    JohnL - I've got literally ONE WABC Series 18 cut that I can find directly by filename in my entire collection.
    Would you be able to perhaps post the 77 Sonowaltz on Soundcloud (or similar) for us to hear please? :^)
  • I'm the one who suggested JM as a place where he might be able to find what he's looking for. Yes, I know this is a primarily UK-based forum, but we do attract posters from the US (including me) as well as elsewhere, and we've had plenty of talk about US stations. I've yet to find a US/North American equivalent of this board anyhow.
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    Iain: I shall post what I have within a day or two. I will notify all here where go to fetch the file(s) from. The proprietor of the NY Radio Message Board tends to delete post he finds less than relevant to the purpose of his board, which is an invaluable resource for radio people.
  • Doooah!
    My apologies MJB, I hadn't realised it was yourself - that's the catch with "handles" rather than "real names" :^)

    John, I'm assuming that the full WABC PAMS 18, whether they ever aired all of it or not, would have been on
    the KenR CD selections derived from the rescued reels, but I think I must have missed whatever one?
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    I have that particular cut lurking on a reel containing WABC items from Series18, 26A, and 28..... It may be the same as found by JohnL - sonovox WABC at two intermediate points and ending with '77 WABC'

    Wasn't aware of a plain sung version.

    Anyone get the name and/or address of the person looking for it ?

  • Graham: I sent an WAV file of the cuts he was looking for, all done!
  • Iain: The tracks I have come from a CD compilation I received from well known jingle collector, Norman Barrington, some years ago. That is what I will be posting, as soon as I can digitalize them.
  • Requested jingles (and a lot more). Choose the WAV or MP3 (320K) to play, or download, at this page: SERIES 18 WABC/
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