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Capital Radio (Launch Package 1973)

Hi All,

Could anyone possibly please help me with a STEREO copy of Capital Radio's first package (1973) featuring the likes of Blue Mink, Chris Rainbow, Bill Mitchell, etc.....
I have a copy on cassette but listening to it now realise it was Crap quality!
As usual I have loads to trade (including a 5 minute Stereo selection of Chris Rainbow Capital Radio Jingles from that era that I had forgotten about!)




  • The main theme written by Sir George Martin CBE!!!
  • The main theme written by Sir George Martin CBE!!!
    No that was the Radio One "Theme One" in 1967.....

    The Capital Theme/Jingles in 1973 were written by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, and performed by the band Blue Mink..(Plus separate additions by the Late Great Chris Rainbow)

    Incidentally some of these are on the internet but in low quality (i.e.

  • Pete, I think a well-known JMer has those - I've a good quality dub but just in case its mono its better he comes on
    directly about the audio.

    Personally, its the Radio Clyde 1973 original Emison custom I'd like in high-quality stereo - the "T*** C***** tapes"
    version I have is truly gunge. Or even the "odd" Thistle Power package...

    Also, the Radio Forth launch package in stereo, or indeed ANY of the "better" Forth later in-house material I know
    is a "grail" for a number of us. (Still waiting to find if TC ever uncovers a DAT of the TM/C Forth FM re-sings...)
  • When I briefly spoke with George Martin in late 2002 as part of an interview via land line, he said he did the orchestrated opening theme?
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    Yes I'd read that the Main Ident 60" (as the cart was labeled) was the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by George Martin and recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studio 1. Still one of my all time favourite jingles.

    At least most of the 73-77 material survives, albeit in mono - the 78 Sue Manning series has never surfaced apart from the odd cut here and there.
  • The original 1973 News jingle used for so many years was also George Martin from that same session.

    Who did the package that was sung by Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five and which year?

    Some of those jingles were resung for the old Capital 603 in South Africa.
  • Mike Smith's sang on two packages done for Capital by Sue Manning Music, firstly in 1978 and again in 1982. The 1982 main package has survived in stereo but not the follow ups - Nicky at Noon, John Sachs' Late Show etc....
  • The giveaway that the main theme was written by George Martin is the piccolo trumpet. It's there on Penny Lane, Theme One and of course this as well.. :-)

    The female voice on those later Sue Manning packages was Kate Robbins, who later went on to have a hit with More Than In Love..
  • Good anorak value there Dave :)
  • Quite right Dave with the comment about the Piccolo Trumpet being the giveaway about the Capital theme along with Theme One for BBC Radio 1 and of course Penny Lane. The withdrawn American single mix of Penny Lane had a different great Piccolo Trumpet ending not on the British single.

    The other Beatles link is that Kate Robbins is a cousin of Paul McCartney!
  • Apologies for linking this here, but I know people have asked before.

    This link to Chris Rainbow material pops up on...
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