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97-99 BBC Radio 1Fm Jingle

edited November 2016 in Jingle Swaps & Needs
Hi all

I'm trying to track down a clean copy of the first jingle in this clip. This is from the Chris Moyles Show and he talks and plays SFX all over it.




  • If you send me an eMail to
    I'll send you a full clean version of the cut.
  • edited November 2016
    Yes this particular cut appears on the Radio 1 1994 jingle package CD. Four packages were issued this way in limited quantities for Producers and Talent to become familiar with the new material.

    For those who don't know, the series comprised:

    1987 Britain's Favourite
    1990 1FM
    1992 Closer To The Music
    1994 The Ultimate One - although this was a name JAM coined later for syndication

    Originals are much sought after and many of us have clones.
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