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Jazz FM - Smooth Jazz Era

Hi All,

Not sure where this goes so I'll try here. I'm a fan of jingles, but have no collection at all. I'm wondering who composed / produced the Jazz FM jingles that were in use for their smooth jazz era in the early 2000's. By which I mean the era with the great Martin Kelner on NW Breakfast and Jon Scragg in the Morning (and A Bit in the Afternoon). I believe that they (or variants) are in use on the current Jazz FM version. I would like to procure a legal copy of these jingles as they bring back some great memories, but I'm not sure where to start. Can anyone help?

EDIT: Actually, if anyone can also help me with where to get legal copies of the first GMG era (the one with the "Get It On" tagline and the blue logo), that would also be appreciated.



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