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TM's Lazer Production Library

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Hey... Looking to find out more about Lazer Production Library. Looking for track listing and year it was produced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Do you mean the Laser Lightning Production Library?
    If so, this library was originally produced by Century 21.
    The first Century 21 demo I have is from 1990.
    On some of the original purple TM Century discs from 1991/1992 the names of Tom Merriman and Dave Scott as composers is printed.



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    perhaps Tracy Carman can help you--he's knows quite a bit about TM products--he's on Facebook..
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    perhaps Tracy Carman can help you--he's knows quite a bit about TM products--he's on Facebook..
    Not only am I on Facebook... I'm on here. :)

    As was pointed out above, the original library was produced in the Century 21 days. Many of the tracks were written by the late Tom Merriman. In fact, he wrote a lot of stuff for TM even when he was part of MPT (Merriman-Patrick-Turner). I don't believe I have many of the original CDs from the library, but in the archives we have some of the original 2" multitracks for it.

    Let me reserve further comments until I can get into the warehouse and look through what's there. I think I have a 3-ring binder containing the different track listings index.
  • As Peter mentioned above, there was a Rock-Radio Production Library called Lazer Lightning. Here's the demo:

  • I LOVED this library and listened to the demo lots. I've always wondered if anyone had the discs. How many did C21 end up producing bearing in mind stations apparently got regular updates? And did it (and the other two libraries featured on my demo CD) continue after the TM merger? I remember thinking as a teenager 'how much would it cost to subscribe to Lazer Lightning and could I afford it?' Of course I couldn't... having said that, I've no idea how much it cost. Invicta's main theme in 1990 was a sung version of a LL cut.
  • I've got the initial 5 CD library, but can't see any updates around. Try accessing the index points within the tracks on a player today :( No track sheets, just the listing on the box)
    Generation III was a poor performer and wasn't updated, as far as I remember.
    CDPL (Compact Disc Production Library), was a re-hash of music tracks and sound effects acquired from Media General/WBT and sold very well, but became *dated* very quickly. It was then condensed down for the best tracks to become part of the IT! Production Library.
    The 2-CD Sound Effects collection was often used as a giveaway.
  • I've got 5 original CD's from the Laser Lightning library. CD 1, 4, 6, 9 and 13. So there where at least 13 CD's.
    The track information is on the CD and on the back of the cover of the CD.
    It was normal these days to re-use tracks from older libraries. i.e. SFX library from Media Genral was used in several other TM libraries like Master Plan.
    The same with music tracks. A lot of Tanner / Media General stuff was re-used in other TM libraries.
  • Would have loved these CDs! Is there any art work on them that you could scan and post?

    Good thread this - interesting to hear the stories behind products that aren't strictly jingles but closely linked! Not surprised Generation III was a flop - it didn't hugely excite the then teenage me! Ha.
  • I found this on the net - an interview from 1990 with Greg Scott Fisher, Operations Manager/Production Director, WZZB-FM, WQKC-AM. It references LL and other libraries from C21 and TM.

    R.A.P.: What production libraries are you using?
    Greg: I have the Century 21 Laser Lightning package, and I've been very happy with it. I'll have to say that the people at Century 21 are absolutely terrific, specifically Brenda, whom I work with there. I dealt with her at WINN, and she's great to work with. Along with the Laser Lightning package, we got the Generation III package which has some middle of the road stuff on it, a little bit of country, a little bit of rock, news themes, and that type of thing. With their recent merger with TM, we ended up getting two more production libraries for free, so I got TM's Trendsetter II which I've been thrilled to death with. For a station of our size and with our needs, it just fit the bill perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better library in here because it covers all the bases. It has your novelty cuts. It has your international flavor, a few rock cuts, a few country, and a few adult contemporary cuts, just a little of everything. It's absolutely perfect. Then we also got the CDPL collection as part of the total package from Century 21.
  • Great stuff - cheers. Well that answers my question about whether LL was continued after the TM/C21 merger. Clearly it was.

    Love seeing the mention of MPT and what's this Ty-Muff Publishing Division? Muff Murfin obviously involved - who's the Ty part?
  • I don't know where Ty stands for. Maybe Tracy has an answer on this?
    I see Ty-Muff also on two other CD libraries (Digital Director and Trendsetter II) I have from the same periode.
  • I just found a demo of the Lazer Production Library from TM Century in my collection.

    This library also includes the famous sound effects and Powerpart CD's.
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    Lazer Production Library
    Lazer Production Library
  • Nice one TC. I'm guessing that Lazer and Laser Lightning are two different libraries then?

    And do you know who the Ty-Muff reference refers to?
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    I love this tune; Track 4 from CD4 (not sure about the cd#)

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